Whitening Day Cream Solution For Chicken Skin

Published: 02nd June 2011
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Keratosis pilaris or KP, also identified as chicken skin, is not a physically painful problem, but the appearance of the rash-like bumps is known to cause increased anxiety and depression, which makes it emotionally painful.
The condition is a sign that the skin is not as healthy as it could be. As with every pure skin dysfunction, exact cause is not recognized. There are only some minor causes you can try to stay away from.

So what are the causes?

Always talk to your medical doctor first before you pick a treatment procedure on your own. Or at least do a little online research. Medical practitioners will say there is no treatment or cure for keratosis pilaris. Still you have a lot of choices how to make your life with Chicken Skin better.
The triggers of KP consist of:
- Ingrown hairs
-Inflammation of the hair producing follicles
-Chronic irritation of the skin

Low humidity and a lack of moisture in the skin's cells are recognized to expand redness and could possibly cause itching.
The spots developed by KP are very similar to other skin conditions, so the signs and symptoms can be confusing. Keratosis Pilaris can't be triggered by very poor personal hygiene, even it is many times assumed so. How to fight with KP causes There are triggers you can fight and also some you can't. You cannot change your passed dow genes predisposition.
Changing eating habits is your first action. Prevent fat and spicy food and include more fresh fruit and vegetables. Skin irritation means more scratching and that means increased redness of the affected skin areas. Irritants abound in today's world. Most are derived from petroleum or petrochemicals. Using all natural skin, bath and hair care products that contain no petrochemicals can help reduce the inflammation. Shaving is not a KP friend as well. It can result in serious irritation and redness. It is essential to use a good lubricant prior to shaving to reduce irritation and the risk of ingrown hairs.It can be upsetting when the Keratosis pilaris signs or symptoms show up during the day, specifically on the face. Thus, always have with you some 1 minute solutions that can deal with this symptoms. Never purchase the cheapest one, it is usually full of unhealthy chemical compounds. Some contain components that have been linked to cancer. I recommend a certain brands because it is safe, natural and effective.

How can this cream help me? It is really effective?

The whitening day cream consists of a number of anti-irritants and natural anti-inflammatories.
The formula takes care of the redness by reducing the skin inflammation and gives your skin a relief.

Additional Recommendations

Every week or two, you should use a deep cleansing mask to help keep cellular debris from clogging the pores.
Fish should be on your table every single week. The contain an oil that has great advantages in managing KP. The use of sulfur-based cleansers is another advice. Gentle exfoliation using regular table salt or sugar can help to smooth out the bumps.

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